Bank Job GK Model Test | Bank Job General Knowledge MCQ

  1. Free Market Economy started in Bangladesh in-
    a. 1998
    b. 1990
    c. 1991
    d. 1992
  2. ‘City of Golden gate’ is
    a. San Francisco
    b. London
    c. Paris
    d. New York
  3. S.I.R. stands for
    a. Self Leading Restriction
    b. Statutory Liquidity Ratio
    c. Striet Liquid Ratio
    d. Statutory Level of Reserve
  4. Which one is not the part of “World Bank Group?
    a. IFIC
    b. IDA
    c. IMF
    d. IBRD
  5. When did Bangladesh become a member of the OIC?
    a. 1972
    b. 1975
    c. 1973
    d. 1974
  6. World ‘Literacy Day’ is-
    a. 18th September
    b. 8th September
    c. 8th October
    d. 8th August
  7. In which of the following countries the game ‘Chess’ was originated?
    a. India
    b. China
    c. Japan
    d. Russia
  8. Bangladesh Bank has introduced e-Library on-
    a. 13th May 2012
    b. 14th May 2012
    c. 14th May 2013
    d. 14th June 2014
  9. Which virus causes Swine Flue?
    a. HIN5
    b. H5NI
    c. H5N5
    d. HINI
  10. Contact Lenses are made from-
    a. Teflon
    b. Polyviny1 Chloride
    c. Perspex
    d. None

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