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  1. The Synonym of ‘Autography’ is
    a. Graphical thing
    b. Writing about
    c. Painting on graph
    d. Graph sheet
  2. Choose the correct sentence-
    a. This is an unique case
    b. This is a very unique case
    c. This is a unique case
    d. This is the most unique case
  3. Knowledge can be compared ……..light.
    a. with
    b. to
    c. of
    d. by
  4. Identify the correct spelling-
    a. Volaptous
    b. Volatpuos
    c. Voleptious
    d. Voluptuous
  5. ‘Toot one’s horn’ means
    a. boast
    b. self destruction
    c. possessive
    d. talks a lot
  6. A person with the same name as another-
    a. anonymous
    b. pseudonym
    c. nickname
    d. namesake
  7. Father said, “The earth moves round the sun”. Make it indirect speech-
    a. Father said that the earth had moved round the sun.
    b. Father said that the earth has moved round the sun.
    c. Father said that the earth moved round the sun.
    d. Father said that the earth moves round the sun.
  8. Cutting back on benefits has been used as a ………of increasing profit margin.
    a. means
    b. policy
    c. method
    d. program
  9. ……better, the team would have been able to defeat the opponent.
    a. Had it prepared
    b. Would it prepare
    c. It appears
    d. If it appears
  10. When……..to her?
    a. did you talked
    b. you talked
    c. talked you
    d. did you talk

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